Ways Technology Has Changed Students Lives For the Better

Nowadays, University students can consider themselves lucky as they have infinite access to various educational resources thanks to advanced technology. Besides the entertainment factor, like video games and social networking, the Internet also offers a wide array of researches and online libraries which the students can easily reach with a few mouse clicks.
First of all, students do not have to physically be present at the library anymore, carrying all their heavy books in hard copy, but can do so from their homes or cafes, etc. It only takes to enter the topic in the search bar, and voila, the Internet already lists resource after resource. This can also enhance the students’ motivation as they can explore their topic of interest in multiple ways.

For example, essay writing became very easy as all information is available in one place- our computer or laptop. There is no need to go on the hunt for hard copy books at several different places as most of them are now available in the pdf format on the Internet.

Even communication among students and with professors and mentors was facilitated by the use of e-mail and students forums which let them exchange information with their colleagues ranging from questions about the course schedule to highly complicated exam questions. Such cooperation between students contributes to their motivation and makes them want to study more.

Google Apps For Education

Google educational apps, now known as G-Suit for Education, are tools that provide solutions and efficient learning features to students and teachers. It provides many facilitators for enhanced cooperation and individual work with calendars, sheets, docs, slides, e-mail, etc. It is called a true virtual learning haven where teachers and students can use all the tools to improve classroom work, homework, projects, and tests performance.

The apps help students become more engaged with their tasks as well as it improves their organizational skills, and Google also works to make the already intelligent tools even smarter. Students’ projects, presentations, and written assignments became more sophisticated with the sophisticated features the apps offer. Inserting images, automatic calculations, and other time-consuming activities become easily manageable with G-Suit. Time-efficiency is very important during the tough college days, so students who rely on these apps do not have to bother with trivial things such as PowerPoint layout or design, as the smart machine will take care of that.

The Expedition app takes students on virtual reality tours where they get to know new places they have never been to before. Google also added the Quizzes feature which makes it easier for teachers to assess and grade students whereby students have an on-hand insight into their progress.
Digital technology has taken us very far, and students as a valuable and vital part of the community have special benefits they can use to make the best of their academic studies.