Ways Technology Has Changed Our Social Lives Forever

The impact of technology touched every sphere of our life undoubtedly, and our social life and daily routines are no exceptions. In a way, we are all technology addicts who would not know how to live without the Internet and our gadgets anymore. Our social lives were dramatically altered when social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and later Instagram were developed.
Since then on until this very day, we can communicate with someone at the other corner of the world and still feel like they are here with us. The video call was a God-sent gift to all those who live away from their family and friends. When we feel lonely or want someone to talk to we do not have to plan a meeting anymore but we can simply make a video call over Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc., and even have a cup of coffee with the person, each in front of their own screen (computer screen or cell phone screen). We can easily share our life with someone who is far away and it made life bearable for all those who moved away, especially tot another country.

Dating Life

Many people also fell in love over the Internet with a stranger whom they met in an online game, chat room, and other Internet is socializing places. For many people, it happened spontaneously with no intent, but for all those who are on the hunt for their soul mate or a partner, the Internet is full of dating apps which feature profiles of single people who are also looking for someone.
Modern technology went so far that it found its way into the most personal sphere of life and it became natural to over 30% of people to fall for someone online.

TV And Commercials

People do not have to wait for their favorite episode to air in a specific period of the week or day anymore as almost all series and movies are available online, which enables individuals to watch it when they feel like it. The same goes for music; gone are the days when you are awaiting your favorite song on the radio or your favorite CD as you can simply buy it on iTunes and listen to it whenever you want.

The TV is no longer the major source of information, and the advertisement industry started focusing on Internet marketing, whereby one of the latest trends is to find influential Internet personalities and people with thousands and millions of followers to advertise the product via their social media account. Social media goddesses and cute animals with their own profile usually get paid hefty amounts of money just to take a photo with a product. What people see, people buy, especially if it is recommended by a highly influential person on social media.