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Digital technology is an unstoppable mechanism that has developed especially throughout the last two decades. First, we got Google in 1998, then we got Facebook in 2004, and we all fell for smartphones in 2006/2007 which revolutionized the Internet era again as more and more users switched to the mobile Internet which enabled us having access to any kind of information and content anytime. 2007 was the year of the iPhone, and suddenly, smartphones became the tool number 1. Wearable technology is one of the latest trends especially since Samsung launched a smart watch in 2013.

2009 saw the birth of the first 3D printer which showed its benefits especially in the field of medicine enabling doctors to create better and more cost efficient prosthetics, medical models, sensors, and much more.

Organizations And Individuals Using Technology for A Better Life And Community

Many organizations and individuals also started using digital technology for good causes such as improvement of the quality of our life, awareness-raising campaigns, and charity causes. No matter if they use digital media, write a blog, or organize online meetings or webinars, they all contribute to a better world as they communicate their messages to the masses.

Organizations and individuals who managed to draw the attention of people to important issues such as world peace, a specific disease, the role of education in the community; anyone who contributed to a better community, should be acknowledged properly. For example, certain companies and associations have already recognized the benefits, and they cherish people of all ages who fight for the better in this world from their computers by giving out annual awards to those who made an impact on their community. It is a very encouraging message to all of us to follow their example, and either use digital technology to promote our own good cause or at least to give support to those who do.

For example, one of the most outstanding charity campaigns that became an Internet sensation rising over $15 million for ALS was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Famous and regular people were caught up in the trend and donated huge sums of money as they poured ice-cold water over their heads and bodies.

Technology Changed Our Lives Forever

We got used so much to sophisticated technology and its advancements that we cannot imagine how we would live without it. Luckily, we do not have to. Technology, in general, has not only changed our daily lives, our communication with the world, given us access to the global market, but also, it has made us more knowledgeable as we obtained easy access to digital literature, educational resources, and countless stories and new from all over the world.

The Business World

It improved many businesses as it facilitated the communication and cooperation process. Traveling and the tourism sector have also profited from the rise of technology as they can now advertise their products, sites, and resorts to be seen by almost the whole world. Business and private trips became a lot easier without the hurdles and limits that people had to overcome in pre-tech times. The best casino bonuses are also available nowadays just when visit that site, for example. As for education, online resources are the top resource for students of all ages as they can quickly find what they need in digital libraries.

A MakerBot three-dimensional printer.
A MakerBot three-dimensional printer.

There is no need to mention how digital technology influenced businesses as they started to use software and advanced platforms for all of their operations which took the burden of the employees. The digital technology gave rise to many new careers in the Internet business like launching websites or blogs that could potentially earn millions of dollars.

The IT labor market has grown by 33% since 2003, and it is expected that the computer-based sector will rise by 20% by 2022. For example, the freelance career sector was immensely improved by the digital era as many freelancers can easily advertise their services and they are not restricted to their own country, but may provide services at a global level as many businesses can be carried out online nowadays.

Virtual workspaces became a normal part of our life, and the office hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. could soon become extinct if the virtual business world keeps growing so fast. The world became a more unified place as the whole world participates now in a global market and a global economy.

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